Agents are responsible for following the rules of their state DOI regarding gifts. Please read the following information for full description of roles, rules and details of the program.


Agent’s Role
A new agent may not place a gift order “on account” until they are a New Producing Agent, which is one who has submitted a minimum of $1,000 of New Annualized Premium (NAP) that has been issued and reported as NAP. Initial orders should not exceed $400.Agents are responsible for tracking the cost of gifts placed on account for tax purposes—this is detailed on the weekly commission statement summary pages.


Manager’s Role
A manager can provide initial gifts to agents as needed. The manager and agent will need to discuss payment terms for the gifts and come to an agreement among themselves.


PMA USA’s Role
PMA USA manages the vendor and the gift order process. PMA USA reviews and approves all orders. PMA USA will be billed by the vendor and twill then distribute the cost to the agent, District manager and Regional manager accounts as detailed on the gift order page. PMA USA does not in any way profit from this process.


If an agent wishes to return gifts in order to receive a credit, the gifts must be shipped directly to BIW, not Washington National or PMA USA> The agent is responsible for any shipping costs associated with returning the gifts.  BIW will only accept returns within 30 days from the date the original order was placed. When returning your gifts to BIW, please include your name and agent number on each box to ensure proper credit to your account. BIW will then issue a credit memo to PMA USA for the cost of the returned gifts. PMA then processed the credit memo to the agent, district manager and Regional Manager accounts that were originally charged. 


Transfer of charges

PMA will process a transfer of charges from one agent account to another provided that both parties have signed an agreement to transfer the charges.  The agreement must provide the amount to be transferred and must be signed by BOTH parties. This transfer agreement is available on the Pinnacle.


Selling gifts to other agents

Managers should encourage any agents that terminate their appointment and have any gifts in inventory to sell those gifts to other team members or to their manager. Agents must understand that they are still responsible for that debt until they pay PMA.



·         All prices reflect the full amount of the item ordered and are subject to change.

·         Does not include shipping charge or any applicable tax.

·         Discounted charge for an agent is 88% of the total invoice amount.       

·         District Manager will be charged 7% of the total invoice amount for their team orders.       

·         Regional Manager will be charged 5% of the total invoice amount for their team orders.       

·         State Manager will be charged 5% of the total invoice amount for Life Sales Managers (Regional Managers will not receive a charge).

·         Costs of the gift charges are placed in the secondary 1 debt CHIC account unless otherwise requested.